Slippers or Shoes Off When Cleaning?

The customer says “clean my space but no shoes in the house.” Am I supposed to clean in bare feet or stocking feet? Or do I wear Chochili Disposable Sliipers?

There are disposable slippers for speed cleaning. They even have non-slip weatherproof sole to protect you from accidents at client’s home. You can wear one of them when cleaning bathroom, easily throw it with the garbage and use another one for other rooms.

Protect your customer’s carpet while protecting your feet.

Should I wear Chochili Disposable Slippers when cleaning a customer house? Or am I supposed to take off my shoes? When I get inside one of those great, big bathtubs, I have to take off my shoes and then my stocking feet is inside the tub and that’s not very sanitary. Then when I get in the shower without my shoes, then my feet get wet and that’s not very sanitary either. What do I do?

House cleaners take off their shoes when they arrive at a customer’s home because the clients don’t wear shoes in the house.

If you take your shoes off and wear only stocking feet – your socks will pick up pet hair that you will transfer back to your shoes when you put your shoes on to leave. Then you are carrying pet hair and dander back to your house. This is just not sanitary.

Best choice ise carrying Chochili Disposable Slippers with you, and throw them away when leaving. They’re disposable. You open it up. It’s closed on the top of it and it slides right over your feet. Now, on the bottom of it is this skid tread. This skid tread will keep you from slipping on hardwood floors and ceramic tile.

Now, you’re protecting the people’s floors by not tracking stuff in from outside onto their floor.

While house cleaning, the inside of the shower is going to be wet. And in 99.9% of the showers, you will need to step into the shower to clean it. You don’t want to get your socks wet because then when you get out of the shower, your wet shoe covers with cleanser or soap will get tracked on the customer’s carpets.

Wear your Chochili Disposable Slippers, clean the shower and then when you get out of the shower, just put them in trash.

A lot of homes have pets, when you take off your socks, they will be coated with pet hair. It is the best choice, using Chochili Disposable Slippers. Because you are going to throw them away as soon as you leave the property, it’s okay to wear them on your feet until you get outside. You don’t want your shoe treads touching the customer’s floors

So, leave the house, and before you toss the trash, take off your Chochili Disposable Slippers and leave them in the garbage of the day. There is no need to even put them in your car. You will never re-use chochili disposable slippers to prevent cross-contamination between houses.

Chochili Disposable Sliipers – Non-Slip, Durable, Indoor
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