Supplyity is an experienced hotel slipper supplier and pleased to offer you our extensive selection of standard and custom disposable hotel slippers. Supplyity distributes mainly to the hospitality industry all over the world.

    Our company was established in 2003 on a 27000 m2 area at Istanbul/Turkey, we are the leading manufacturer in hotel and hospital amenities in Turkey. From raw material stage till packaging, all production is done within the firm with utmost care and optimum quality by the skillful hands of our specialized work force and ultimate technology equipment to suit your requirements and fulfill customer satisfaction. Our product quality is certified by ISO 9001:2000 since January 12th 2009.


    Our product range consists of, slippers (open and close toe), soaps, shampoos, bath gels (Body Lotion/Shampoo & Conditioner/Shower Gel), shower caps, sewing kits, dental kits, shaving kits, nail file, combs, shoe shines, shoe mitts, cotton buds, cotton balls, sanitary bags, loofah, bathrobes, shoe horns, clothe brushes, carry bags, tissue boxes, racks, garbage barrels, pallets, shoe baskets, rattan baskets, umbrellas, hangers, swizzle sticks, fruit sticks, disposable materials and more.

    We ensure you the best quality in our products and services for the most competitive prices. Supplyity considers customer satisfaction as its reference and greatest asset hence customer requirements are of optimum importance and primary concern.


    Choosing the right slippers is a big step in making guests feel special. Our Chochili disposable hotel slippers are offered in a variety of styles, finishes and material options to meet your exact needs and to find the right pair that best fits your hospitality.

    Our lineup of Hotel slippers includes closed or open toe, EVA sole in different thicknesses, non-woven slippers, towel slippers, velvet slippers. We can also personalize slippers with embroidery or serigraph printing. 


Wearing slippers is a personal choice that depends on your own preferences and needs. Slippers can provide comfort, warmth, and grip onslippery surfaces, especially if you have hardwood ortile floorsat home. They can also help keep your feet clean and protect your floors from dirt and scratches.