Tired of Being Sick and Sniffly?

Did you know that your feet are an important part of your body for warding off common illnesses like a cold or the flu?

When your feet are cold, the blood vessels in your nose actually constrict reflexively to try to help prevent your body from losing valuable heat. When this happens, your skin on the inside of your nose and throat will actually turn white due to a reduction in blood flow to the nose, but this decrease in blood flow to the nose can have consequences.

In your blood, there are white cells that help to ward off infections and keep you healthy. When blood flow is reduced, there are fewer white cells present in the area to help protect your body from viruses.

When you are losing heat through your feet, your body also reacts by having less movement in the tiny hairs within the nose which help to filter out the germs that may try to enter your body through the air.

When you wear Chochili Slippers, your feet are kept warm and heat loss is reduced, which helps to keep blood flowing to the nose as it normally would and allows your body’s defenses to fight off diseases and illnesses more successfully.

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